What do you need to know about me?


I have summited Mt Jefferson, Mt Shasta, Mt St Helens, and have stood on the top of Mount Hood a full three times. 

I co-founded the Labor Coalition for Environmental Responsibility when I was in college. Rather than drinking myself silly at fraternity parties, I knew early on that I actually wanted to be somebody distinct in the crowd.

I cry a few times per day. Genuine human kindness touches me greatly. If someone is ultra-kind to me, it really touches me. I also have webbed toes.

I don’t get grossed out easily. If you dared me to clean a cat box out with my bare hand you would lose (but I’m not gonna do it now that I publicly announced I have the ability). 

I was a very lonely little girl who became interested in acting so I would have something fun to do with my invisible friends. And I have undoubtedly learned over time that there is a difference between imaginary friends and invisible friends.
I made out like a bandit for choosing longshot Jorge Cardinal Bergoglio from Buenos Aires to become the new pope. The now Pope Francis was given 33-1 odds – so don’t cry for me, Argentina! 

I have seen every Clint Eastwood movie even dating back to Francis in the Navy and Tarantula. Play Misty for Me was so disturbing I was thrilled when he face-punched the deranged female fan through a window and over a cliff. My all-time favorite would be Dirty Harry, but I have a soft spot in my heart for Paint Your Wagon because he sings, and I secretly pretend I am the blonde in “I Talk to the Trees.”hqdefault

I apparently didn’t listen so well in my undergraduate studies since I have begun pretty much every sentence here with “I.”


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