Flat Stanley Project: Flat Savion Comes To Visit Boring, Oregon

Dear Savion,

Thank you so much for sending me to Boring, Oregon. To tell you the truth, I was afraid it might be super boring, but as it turned out, I had an amazing time!


This is my new friend, Sofia.


She took great care of me, except the time we went downtown Portland to Voodoo Donuts and she let me eat all the donuts I wanted. This is the most popular donut place in Oregon and it even has bacon donuts. You might see my messy shirt in a few pictures, but we were having such a fun time chowing down on all the delicious treats that I just didn’t notice.


Here is Jason the Goat thinking I taste just like a yummy donut!


One rainy day we went to the doctor for a checkup. Here I am getting my ears looked at.


On the way home I was feeling so good I rode in the front seat with my new friend, Dixie the dog.


Over the river and through the woods is a town called Oregon City, which used to be the capital of Oregon a long, long time ago before they made Salem the capital. We stopped and looked at the really cool Willamette Falls which is the 17th widest waterfall in the world. I was sort of scared to fall in (please don’t laugh at me)!


Before we got in the car I thought I would say hello to John McLoughlin, the Father of Oregon.


We did so many fun things! I went with my new friend, Sofia on one of her modeling jobs. A man was taking pictures of her showing other boys and girls some of the latest Trolls toys. I stayed behind the scenes and enjoyed watching her work, and I ate a bunch of licorice from the snack table.


We are off to see the Wizard!

Sofia has a part in the Wizard of Oz, so guess what? I got to see her perform. She is the crow on the left. I wanted to play Toto but the part was already taken. Instead, I got to eat these crackers shaped like animals while I watched the play. I sure love all the fun food I get to eat in Oregon!


Savion, I really loved meeting my new friend, her goats, sheep, dogs, and seeing the sights of Boring, Oregon and the nearby towns with her. The morning I was ready to leave back to San Jose, I sat on her deck and enjoyed this view of Mount Hood, for the last time.


I hope you enjoy the story of my visit.



Flat Savion



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