My Traveling Convection Car-be-que: Wash it, wrap it, wolf it.

F9US20OGZB3BTQU_MEDIUMI used to be quite a busy gal. My schedule (and my budget) was tight. Drive-thrus are certainly timesaving luxuries, but I had rather save my extra pennies for postage hikes and eat a crunchy cob of corn from my traveling convection oven.

My personal favorites as a struggling funeral director:  A baker potato is a no-brainer. Wash it, wrap it, wolf it.

I adored engine-cooked hamburger patties stuffed with cheese and onions and swathed in bacon. My giant garlic heads would roast to gooey flawlessness. I even poached a salmon entrée for myself once while navigating traffic on the streets of San Francisco.

The dwindling legions of us who eat from the “car-be-cue” have a leader. We all hail Chris Maynard, the king of engine eats and manifold meals and author of “Manifold Destiny: The One! The Only! Guide to Cooking on Your Car Engine!”LEGIT-CAR-B-QUE

With instructional diagrams, crowd-pleasing ingredients and easy instructions, nearly anyone can learn the good fortune of turning your car into a kitchen. This gas-tronomical genius taught the world old school sustainability by helping the planet use extra generated energy to warm a ham steak.“Manifold” was co-written with Bill Scheller. The two road snackers also wrote another book of bizarre eating, “The Bad For You Cookbook”. Maynard went on to write no fewer than six other books, including Backyard Science: In the Kitchen.

So where is Chris Maynard now? He runs the YOYO (? What’s this stand for?) School of Art and lives in Warren, Rhode Island across the street from a clam processing factory.

I’m also a huge fan of cooking lasagna in my dishwasher – just lettin’ you know. 


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