The Last Prance Down the Catwalk of Life with the Ecopod

dynamic_resize12When it’s time for my last prance down the catwalk, I want to be encased in something as sleek as an eel skin platform pump, and as glamorous as a Mongolian lamb vest—but in an  obviously greener and cruelty-free version.

A green goodbye means no toxic embalming chemicals such as formaldehyde and no glitzy, semiprecious metal caskets will leave a mark. This is perhaps the final gesture of reuse and renewal.

The Egyptian-looking Ecopod is a fashion must for those of us who care what we wear. It costs $5,000 but weighs just 45 pounds, so it can be easily transported to the gravesite. The Ecopod is hard-pressed from 100 percent luxurious recycled paper or mulberry leaves and shaped into the figure of a seed pod. This natural burial chest was designed by English midwife Hazel Selina. It was designed to help hearten the woodland burial movement in Old Blighty.ecopod

New designs in chic burial bring together artisan skills with style, elegance and a respect for the environment says the Ecopod people. I believe these gems are up to the moment for eco-eccentrics who want to make a fashion statement while flaunting their green credentials.

The Ecopod is offered in a variety of trendy colors and screen printed designs are readily available. Avoiding synthetic and non-natural materials in your burial clothing (if you chose an ensemble at all) is a must for complete biodegradable fashion.

My colleague, Cynthia Beal, is Ecopod’s sole importer in the U.S. She explains her interest: “I’ve had the great experience of feeding people since I formerly owned a natural foods store. Now I get to compost them. Long after the advent of biodegradable packaging, here’s the last package you’ll ever need. Depending on the soil, the Ecopods will get wet and soft within a few weeks and degrade in as little as six months.”

This fashionable journey of the biodegradable coffin allows nature to take its course with the remains rather than preserving them uselessly. Green-burial proponents hold that our bodies don’t disobey us in death so much as they will obey the dictates of time and nature. The super savvy pods save a lot of wood, save the energy used in cremation, and will compress during burial. Graves won’t sink when the coffin eventually collapses.                                                      ecopod-coffins-recycled-paper

Biodegradable doesn’t have to be drab. Ecopods are available in red with an Aztec sun design, blue with white doves and all-white—ready to be customized.

Strive for green karma in life and in death. To live the green life is to live the good life.


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