Undertaker Beware – Exploding Implants, Ammo and Pacemakers

multistagerocket2The Swedes have increasingly taken to cremation, but their families and friends have made things difficult by leaving explosive farewell tokens such as bottles of alcohol, ammunition cartridges and pieces of fireworks in the coffins.

A funny thing happened in China. A man named Wang was attending a wake in his home when an explosion from a weather rocket took off half of his roof and left him dead in the wreckage. Because it had been a stormy day, it was assumed that lightning was what killed Wang and left half of his home in ruins. However, as Wang was being placed into the cremation chamber at his own funeral, his body exploded, causing the chamber’s oven doors to fly off their hinges. Only then, it was discovered that a small weather rocket filled with silver iodide was shot into the sky in order to break up hail into rain failed to explode in the atmosphere, and instead had fallen through Wang’s roof and acted like a bullet, instantly killing Wang as it was lodged into his body.                               Rocket-Chinese-Review-Girl-with-sign1

It’s actually the number of artificial cardiac pacemakers that have caused explosive issues. The pacemakers are common these days as are the number of bodies being cremated. Because of the explosive potential of pacemakers when heated, a statutory question on the cremation form asks whether the deceased has a pacemaker and if so whether it has been removed. Heart pacemakers and other mechanical, prosthetic or radioactive devices can explode during cremation. The obvious result is significant damage to the crematorium and injury to staff. To prevent this from happening, the funeral director will determine if the deceased had any of these surgical implants and get permission from the authorizing party to remove them.

And what happens to breast implants when you die and opt for the oven?  If they are not removed before cremation, the explosion will leave a gelatinous mess in the cremation oven, which is problematic for both the crematory and those tending to funeral arrangements.  lady-gaga-exploding-290


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