Ghosts love to communicate – especially with small children

ghost-stairs-110705My little girl was up in her loft the other day when I heard her ask someone if they could please move because they were in her way. Minutes later Sofia comes down the stairs and says that Mrs. Butler won’t stop sitting on her bed and she has already asked her nicely to move. Sofia wants Mrs. Butler to like the color pink and summertime, and holding hands all the time in the grocery store and the park. But she doesn’t ever get an answer from her.

We moved into a house in the hills that had sat vacant for years. Vacant of taxpayers but not really vacant of ghouls, the former couple who died in the house. We were aware of this when we signed on the line for the place but we just weren’t phased. We figured we were generous enough to share the space with them — so long as they didn’t do things that would scare the hell out of us.

photobombfeaimSofia sees them, we do not. But that doesn’t stop me from constantly talking aloud to them, explaining cheerfully that we acknowledge we are in their house, and while we are honored to be living in their house (and please notice we didn’t remodel anything in the house we heard they really liked) we would be very, very happy if they played nicely with our child.

Closed-minded people repel most spirits. It may sound odd, but it’s true. If you are fiercely defending your position that “ghosts do not exist,” odds are you will never see one. Here’s why: first and foremost, you will miss any sign, and if you do notice one, you’ll quickly brush it off without analyzing the situation.

Second, and most important, spirits avoid closed-minded skeptics for the most part. Spirits are people and they do not waste time if they feel they won’t be noticed. Put yourself in their invisible shoes; if you were somewhere and someone was looking right past you, not hearing you or even joking about your non-existence, what incentive would you have to talk to that person? Just as spirits can sense who is open to spirits, they may also sense who is closed and avoid them. This is why children are their perfect audience.

Our loved ones often leave us little reminders that they are still with us. Some of us may be so wrapped up in stresses and worries that we miss the subtle signs we are given. Some are in tune, and when they look for a sign, they often find one. But all my ghost experiences have been total strangers.

imagesGhosties love to communicate, especially with small children. I decided to take a bag of pure white flour and pour some on a big mirror on the floor. After I left the room and closed the door, I had Sofia ask the ghost in a clear but friendly voice to write his/her name in the flour and stay in the room until we came back. So I came back the next day to see what the ghost’s name was; I was planning to check the flour for the ghouly name, call the entity by its revealed name, and explain to him/her that he/she is welcome in our home but that he/she has passed on and it is time to move towards the light and forever be in peace.

The next day I came in and was pissed. Instead of a name in the flour, the dog had gotten into the room through the secret door in the closet and rolled in it. I spent a few hours getting the pound bag-full of flour out of the carpet, cursing the ghost at full lung capacity.

Ironically, the plan worked. He/she has never appeared since.

Last week Sofia told me a new ghost has been dropping by her dreams lately. It’s a cigarette-smoking ghost. She thinks it’s a boy because it’s stinky. kid-cigarette


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